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Annual Aarhus Film Festival provides not only a diverse cinematic experience for audiences, but also an enriching festival event for independent filmmakers. Our main goal is to increase your audience reach and engagement, as well as to further support your development beyond the festival circuit.

Diverse and ambitious filmmaking from around the world

A “a rather unconventional cinema”, to host the latest and the best in international cinema

Networking event and Filmmaker Roundtable




Passionate about independent filmmaking

Welcome to Annual Aarhus Film Festival, an event dedicated to showcasing independent filmmaking. From the same team behind the hugely successful Annual Copenhagen Film Festival, AAFF aims to recreate the familiar cozy atmosphere and rigorous programming in Denmark’s City of Smiles.

At Annual Aarhus Film Festival we believe that independent cinema is a state of mind. It is ambitious, radical, thought-provoking filmmaking and it is, sadly, hard to come by. In an age of instant media gratification, we aim to re-create a nostalgic space for that state of mind. We bring quality independent cinema from all around the world to the unique art cinema, Øst for Paradis.

Annual Aarhus Film Festival is organized by HF Productions, an international production company that runs several film festivals around the world. A collective of filmmakers, producers and marketing professionals with a common goal: to forge productive and lasting relationships between independent filmmakers and audiences.

ARoS Panorama
Aarhus center
ARoS Panorama


Such fantastic communication and generous organisers. I was absolutely delighted to have my trailer for Champion: The Franz Stampfl Story win Best Trailer at the festival and am just sorry that I couldn't be there in person to experience it all first-hand. But I always felt included and was kept very well informed - both in the lead up to the event and afterwards. The organisers went above and beyond to look after those of us not able to be there in person and I very much recommend Henrik and the fest to all filmmakers.

Sally McLean

The team worked hard to keep in touch with the participants and I always received communication back within 12 hours. They had an excellent line-up in their two evenings of 3-hour blocks of shorts. And the venue is also quite cozy, especially on this very cold weekend. Henrik is a wonderful organizer and his staff and volunteers all worked to perfection. I had a terrific time and can only hope it can be extended out a day or two to give me the chance to meet even more filmmakers. The ones I did meet are all terrific.

Scott Simpson

It is an honor to have my film nominated for Best Experimental Film. Annual CPH is a Film Festival courageous and dynamic, committed to the most contemporary cinema. A Festival that really celebrates the independent and art cinema. I'm very grateful for your support.

Juan Figueroa

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