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Kristof Lauwers

Best Short Film Jury

photo kristof lauwers.jpeg

After his studies in experimental film and some adventures in video art in the early nineties, Kristof changed course to more commercial work as a director for publicity and tv to become creative director and head of creative lab for Belgium's largest commercial tv broadcaster DPG media early 2000’s.

In between he organized motorcycle expeditions through the Indian Himalayas, hosted a jazz radio show for more than twenty years and still, and dj’d all-nighters across Europe. Since about five years Kristof is half of creative and director duo motorhoofd & bergland with his dearly wife Lore Vandebeek.

They balance their time between personal film and art projects and commissioned work. In 2018 they made their first short fiction Discesa which got selected at the Damah Film festival in Tokyo and Minikino Film festival in Bali.

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