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Nominated for

Best Experimental

Directed by

Yannick Mosimann

6' • Switzerland • 2020


No Dialogue

Borametz - half plant, half animal - hybrid of the incurably vegetable lamb, which as a four-legged plant is firmly attached to the ground and complains about nature - what does it want to tell us, outside in the drizzle, inconsolable and outraged, when it speaks one last time?

Director's Bio: Yannick Mosimann, (born 1989 in Bern, Switzerland) is a filmmaker, sound artist and photographer. He studied at the University of Arts in Lucerne, Switzerland in the bachelor programme where he graduated with the short film “How i disappeared” which was shown at several Film Festivals in Switzerland and abroad. Next to his body of work including various films and video installations, he also maintains a collaborative practice with a diverse spread of artists, be it in his role as filmmaker or musician. Together with Rea Dubach, a musician and vocal performer based in Biel, Yannick co-founded a virtual exchange plattform for film/music/photography/drawing with the aim of creating a fluid workflow between artists. At the moment he is continuing his studies in the MA Contemporary Arts Practice programme at the “Hochschule der Künste” in Bern.

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