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Kitchen by Measure (Eldhús eftir máli)

Nominated for

Best Animated Short

Directed by

Sólrún Ylfa Ingimarsdóttir & Atli Arnarsson

13' • Iceland • 2020


German, Icelandic

After seeing his wife struggle with mundane tasks, the inventive Ingólfur gets hooked on the idea of building the perfect kitchen for her.

Director's Bio: The stop motion studio Stilla was founded by the two Icelandic directors Sólrún Ylfa Ingimarsdóttir and Atli Arnarsson. They both have a background in music, as Sólrún is currently studying violin in Copenhagen and Atli focuses on sound engineering as well as making his own music. In Stilla, they found a way to combine their mutual interest in illustrating and photography.

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