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Nominated for

Best Danish Film

Directed by

Jacob Fangel Løgstrup

25' • Denmark • 2020



Jacob’s dream is to be a rap artist, so he works on a song that will give him the big breakthrough. To his big frustration, his dreams are tested every time his roomie Adam gets a visit from his girlfriend Frederikke. And through a journey of unforeseen events Jacob meets additional challenges that test his working discipline.

Director's Bio: Jacob Fangel Løgstrup is a Danish writer, director, editor and composer. He is educated from European Film College and the filmschool 18Frames as filmeditor, and is currently studying at Multi Platform Storytelling and Production in Århus. He has contributed to a number of shorts and tv-series as an editor and online editor. In his short "PANDA" he is both director, composer, screenwriter, editor and leading actor.

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