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Sauna Rules (Ind i Varmen)

Nominated for

Best Danish Production

Directed by

Morten Schmidt & Thomas Diepeveen

7' • Denmark • 2020



Ali — a lonely, elderly immigrant — seeks out new relations among the locals in a public bathhouse. But, with just limited knowledge about Danish culture and the local sauna rules, making a good impression can be a lot harder than first expected.

Director's Bio: Morten is a young filmmaker based in Copenhagen. He graduated with a BA in creative communication from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in 2015 and is currently studying screenwriting at 18Frames in Denmark. After having written commercial films for well-known brands — such as IKEA and The Royal Danish Theatre — for the last six years, “Ind i Varmen” is his debut short film which he has written, co-directed and co-produced. Inspired by the absurdities that he encounters in his own everyday life, he strives to create thought-provoking films that capture both the tragic and comic sides of life. Thomas is an actor and director who graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2019 and has since worked at various theatres and projects around Denmark. “Ind i Varmen” is his debut as co-director, and his first time behind the camera.

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