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Nominated for

Best Feature Film

Directed by

Simão Cayatte

91' • Portugal • 2021 •



Thirteen-year-old André lives isolated with his father in the desolate region of Alentejo in southern Portugal. Drought and unforgiving heat make everything stand still. Instead of going to school André helps his father with his illegal water-drilling business and spends his days wandering aimless to the sound of the techno beats he makes on his tablet. Sandra, a troubled young mother, has just moved in next door to the only other house for miles. She spends her days inside, hidden from the world, never exchanging a word with anyone. When André’s father suddenly disappears, he turns to Sandra in desperation; this mysterious stranger his only chance at finding his missing father. Neither realize how this encounter will shape their destinies as they go on a journey across the unforgiving Alentejo landscape.

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